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Candle and Sign Event: Make It Yours!
Candle and Sign Event: Make It Yours!

Candle and Sign Event: Make It Yours!

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Make Your Own Custom Home Decor!

Pour Your Own 8oz White Tumbler Candle with Customized Fragrances!

Paint Your Own "Family Established Date" on a 12"x12" Wooden Board!


It's time for our next awesome event, and since February is such a romantic month we thought we'd showcase you as our stars! Timeless elegance will keep these pieces at the forefront of your home and perfect to keep out year-round. 

The evening will start by working with one of our Scent Specialists to create your own unique blend of fragrances for your candle.  With 100 scents to choose from, we recommend you arrive on time to be able to try them all and to give your candle plenty of time to cool and harden before you leave.  Once you've chosen your fragrances to blend, it's time to have a seat at the bar to mix up the premium fragrance oils into the natural soy wax in our signature white jar with your choice of bronze or black lid.  All eyes will be on you as you pour your own fragrance and send your spoon dancing through the wax!

Once your candle has been created, it's time to paint your sign!  This portion will be led by April Kwan from Sweet Signs of Mine.  She will get you set up with your board and paints and will guide you through the stencil process to create a board that is completely personal to you and your family. You even get to stain your board yourself to however light or dark suits your style!  There will be several colors of paint available to make your board as unique as you are.  When you purchase your ticket you will let us know what letters you want and what you want your sign to say to represent your family and when it was established.  As these stencils need to be created in advance, there will be no walk-in availability for this event.  

There will be refreshments available, such as hot tea and coffee as well as water and soda.  We will also have a variety of cookies to enjoy.  This event will be BYOB, but please limit it to one for safety. 

This event is hosted at Rocky Creek Candle Company on February 7th at 6:30 to 9pm. (Address is 330 Town Place in Fairview, TX 75069.)

P.S.  As an added bonus, there will be a door prize for whoever's painting gets the most likes on Facebook!  Be sure to let all your friends know so they can watch the page and boost your chances of winning!